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Today's Update Report...

Today's Update Report...

I came back online at about 1:30 p.m. or so. And remained until 3 p.m. just sending journal entries to every group to which I belong that I could find something to send. Sort of flooded the LJ thing for a while. Answered a few more emails and then just shut it down due to no one doing anything and bored at checking for emails that weren’t there.

Finished watching one of my favorite Xmas movies: SEVEN WOMEN FROM HELL. I know what you are thinking if you have seen it. It’s a WW2 movie and has absolutely nothing to do with Xmas. Well, neither do I!!!

Finished it about 5 p.m. and decided to get back online to see if there was any action. But very little to none still.

The Seven Women from Hell (1961)

Directed by
Robert D. Webb

Writing credits
Jesse Lasky Jr.
Pat Silver

Genre: Drama

Taglines for
The Seven Women from Hell (1961)

The truth about "those" camps... and the barbed wire nightmares!

Women... captured and enslaved - forced to the inhuman demands of barbarian conquerors!

Credited cast:
Patricia Owens .... Grace
Denise Darcel .... Claire
Cesar Romero .... Luis Hullman
John Kerr .... Bill Jackson
Margia Dean .... Mara
Yvonne Craig .... Janet Cook
Pilar Seurat .... Mai-Lu
Sylvia Daneel .... Anna
Richard Loo .... Sgt. Takahashi
Evadne Baker .... Regan
Bob Okazaki .... Capt. Oda
Yuki Shimoda .... Dr. Matsumo
Lloyd Kino .... Rapist guard
Kam Fong .... House guard
rest of cast listed alphabetically
Yankee Chang .... Guard


This Fox Cinemascope feature bridges the gap between the women in prison flicks of the 1950s and the AIP Women In Cages cycle of the 70s. There's rape, torture, and large breasts straining against tight tops---but only in moderation. Seven women--most of them looking like refugees from, oh, 1961 rather than the wartime Philippines--find themselves at the mercy of the merciless Imperial Japanese Army and endeavour to escape the clutches of the fiendish Orientals, personified best by Richard Loo in the scenery-chewing role of the ruthless sergeant in charge of the prison camp. Cesar Romero shows up for the final reel in what turns out to be a most disappointing ending. The film looks good thanks to Floyd Crosby's camera work but is let down by a weak script and incredibly poor costuming, make-up, and (in most cases) acting.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and, since I have video taped it, will watch it again. Perhaps next holiday.

Perhaps more later about this exciting day in history...yeah, SHIT! Just another day!

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